Our Breath is Our Greatest Teacher and Healer -Tania Neuschafer Zuckerman

Our breath is the most amazing healer. It can help us to feel centered, feel more peace, gain more energy, and settle our mind. But did you also know it’s our most amazing teacher? Try just this simple and powerful technique of simply observing your breath to learn more about what’s going on for you right now.

Begin to just pay attention to your breath. Where do you feel it most in your body? Any areas that feel breath “starved”? How is your breath moving- is it smooth and rhythmic, controlled and choppy, thin or full? Where is it originating? When you pay attention to it, what happens? Ask yourself- what is my breath telling me right now about how I am feeling? Be observant and gentle. Now ask- what is my breath telling me right now about what I am thinking? Finally, ask for your own innate body wisdom to show you through the breath what you need right now. Give yourself the gift of following it.

On a day to day basis, how we are breathing often replicates how we are experiencing our life. For example, if you find that your exhale is forced or controlled and there’s tension in your abdominal muscles when you breathe, you may find themes in your life where you just don’t feel you can trust someone else to do it right, or that you need to stay in control. If you find you often have a shallow breath, with little breath energy in the chest area, you may find a lack of motivation or joy in your life. It goes on and on. Our breath is our most amazing teacher. Thankfully, our breath is also our most amazing healer. As we begin to breathe more consciously, we can literally change deep-rooted patterns in our life that wreak havoc on our well-being.

Breathwork, also called Therapeutic, Holotropic, Transformational Breathwork and Re-Birthing is a specific breathing technique that has been around for centuries as a form of pranayama specifically used for integration. In the 1960’s Stanislov Groff used this type of breath with patients battling cancer, and Leonard Orr found that people using this technique could integrate traumas in their life as far back as their own birth experience.

Today, Breathwork is widely used as an effective tool for changing restrictive breathing patterns and integrating suppressions in the emotional body but the benefits go far beyond that and include the release of toxins, strengthening the immune system, creating brain wave patterns similar to deep sleep, and increasing physical energy.

In the September 23rd, 2013 issue of the New Yorker, there is an article about American clothing designer, Eileen Fisher who said "...this thing called Breathwork...you lie on the floor breathing in a specific way, a kind of heavy breathing that gets you into a sort of heavy dream state. You go through all this stuff and let it go. It's like thirty years of therapy in one hour."

Do you want to experience for yourself the amazing potential of your breath and begin to return to the breath you were born with- a breath that is rhythmic, flowing, responsive to what we are doing, and flowing effortlessly with vitality and ease? Come explore what an amazing teacher and healer your breath is at one of Tania's monthly Breath & Beyond workshops. 

Tania Neuschafer Zuckerman has been facilitating individuals in Breathwork empowerment for over 10 years. Tania sees individual clients and leads group classes and workshops in and around Southern Maine. To learn more visit http://www.spiraldancebreathwork.com/.