Foundations: Experiential Anatomy/Phase 1 Teacher Training
(18 hours over 3 days)  

Friday May 29th-Sunday May 31st

Patricia Powers, a senior Yamuna Body Rolling teacher from NYC will be coming in to teach this training. This course is an incredible way to deepen your understanding of anatomy by actually rolling through each muscle specifically, finding the origin & insertion points and intelligently working into the body. 

This course will cover:
· Principles & practice of Yamuna Body Rolling 
· The Posterior Thigh: Hamstrings and External Rotators
· The Posterior Calf Muscles
· The Back and Spine
· The Anterior Thigh: Quadriceps Group
· The Anterior Calf: Tibia and Fibula
· The Inner Thigh: Adductors
· The Anterior Torso
· The Chest and Neck Work

Prerequisite: At least 4 hours of experience with YAMUNA Body Rolling.

Tuition: $700 (Early Registration Pricing $625 paid by April 24th
Register here to reserve your spot & to receive earlybird pricing!

This course can be a stand-alone experience, even if you have no intention of teaching Yamuna Body Rolling. It's a wonderful way to learn more about how your body works & how to effectively create positive structural change for yourself.