Our Bodies Are Always Speaking to Us

The health of our backs and spines can easily be something that we don't think about until we experience pain, tension or tightness. Our bodies are always speaking to us, giving us messages, and we come to have a baseline of what we experience as normal. What I love about Yamuna Body Rolling is that it provides me the opportunity to create more space, length, and opening in areas such as the back, neck & shoulders through simple & effective routines. Through feeling & experiencing we can begin to understand how parts of our body are connected. I see a massage therapist regularly and find that YBR maintains the benefits between sessions and allows me to continue to feel at ease a bit longer through taking care of my body & alignment. I continue to appreciate Yamuna's work so much in how I have tools on hand to relieve those areas of tension early on, maintain the benefits of bodywork between sessions, as well as address those chronic areas of tightening to create a lasting change.