Cold Feet? Use Yamuna Foot Waker Routines To Improve Circulation

If you're anything like me, then this time of year is especially tough on your extremities... i.e. your hands and (especially) feet are freezing all the time. Extra socks and blankets don't seem to work, warm water works for a little while, but then they get cold again let. The problem isn't the lack of layers, it's your circulation. One way to improve your circulation is through a practice called: Yamuna Foot Waker Routines.

The routines are accomplished using Yamuna Foot Wakers (shown below, they kind of look like blowfish cut in half and tuned upside down) and the routines can be used for the aforementioned circulation improvement, but also can be used to realign the feet and even ease foot pain, tension and discomfort.



Doing even just 5 minutes a day of foot work can bring more blood flow to the feet, resulting in warmer extremities and better alignment.  To someone who hasn’t experienced this work, the sensation and how fast the results are after doing the routines can be hard to believe, until you experience it for yourself. 

The foot waker routines include working the centerline of the foot, the lateral line of the foot, and the medial line of the foot.  In a foot class that I taught the other night, a woman who is an avid cyclist observed before we started that the lateral line of her feet felt tense, just 5-10 minutes later after we worked into the feet, she expressed how her feet felt pain free and relaxed. The Yamuna foot work is effective in freeing restrictions and patterns that become ingrained from how we stand, walk to even the shoes we wear. 

“My feet feel completely woken up, and they are more grounded and rooted toward the earth, yet light at the same time.  I didn’t even realize the tension my feet held until I did this work and I notice right away the significant difference and ease.  It’s as if it’s taking away years of holding patterns.”  -Katherine

Several people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy, a condition that affects the sensation in the hands and feet, have reported significant improvements after just a few sessions using the foot wakers. Foot wakers can even be used to treat the hands for this condition, carpal tunnel and a variety of other hand and wrist issues. 

So as you can see, there are many noble effects to foot wakers, but there is one... convenient effect as well, warming your toesy-woseys.