In this Gentle Yoga class, the mind-body connection will be emphasized around rejuvenating and healing the body. Seated postures, standing postures as well as Restorative postures will be explored throughout this balanced, calming class. Experience how the practice of yoga supports all layers of your being- physical, psychological, and spiritual.


This therapeutic class is designed specifically for people with back pain. We will focus on postures to gain flexibility and strength to relieve compression in the spine. Modifications and the use props will available for those who need them. A doctor’s note will be required for clients with recent back injury or surgery. Please call ahead if you have questions or would like to come in for a private session prior to coming to your first class.


All Levels Yoga is designed for students with any level of yoga experience. Fundamental postures will be explored with progressions for more experienced practitioners. Modifications and proper alignment for your body will be addressed, making this class appropriate for all levels.


This class is suitable to all levels and excellent for beginner’s. We will explore the gentle upward and expansive quality of the heart and the 6 movements of the spine along with a handful of standing poses to awaken confidence and strength. The later 1/2 of each class will be thoroughly restorative and meditative, utilizing a variety of props to support the body, mind, and spirit towards greater ease. This is an opportunity to draw attention inward towards the breath to replenish your inner wellspring.  An opportunity to RELAX, EXHALE, LET GO, RECEIVE...

Aroma YOGA

In this gentle fluid class, you'll be guided to soften your awareness inward and your senses will be subtly soothed, while experiencing aromatherapy, massage like assists, blissful tunes and closing with a guided meditation. You can experience the use of essential oils for grounding, easing tension, feeling more alert, opening airways, reducing stress, and creating a sense of wellbeing and optimism. 

Seaside YOGA

Imagine an outdoor studio, the warm sun, breathing in the salty air, gently moving through postures and feeling so connected to nature and yourself.


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